Here’s my Story… and not everything is pretty!

So, about 3 years ago, I was so tired of constantly feeling – NOT – being in control of my day, my work, my commitments and overall my LIFE!

There was always something or someone pulling me away from the day I would plan… and by the time I would ever get back to the things I meant to do, the day would be over and nothing would be accomplished.

My To-Do list had become a running joke in my family!

So much so, that my young daughters (2 & 4 at that time) had started creating their own versions of the to-do list and proclaiming, “Look, ours are ALL DONE Mama…!” As innocent as that was, it was still frustrating. 

Me, my work, my relationships with both friends & family, my commitments and even my own health… they were all suffering! I just couldn’t keep up with anything.

We were either eating out every other night, and if not, were consuming a lot of pre-packaged and very processed meals. No exercising at all, binge watching tones of shows late into the night while eating more junk… and to top it all, I had started treating online shopping as a form of entertainment. So, as a result, our lives were very full but with all the wrong things!

You know what they say about too many balls up in the air… I was dropping all of them.

Hindsight is said to give us perspective and I can vouch for that now… it really does! I can now see that all those things were a way to escape from my life… and not to deal with it. 

But somehow, it STILL wasn’t enough!

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

The Last Straw

Because of our unhealthy and indulgent lifestyle, I developed chronic back pain out of nowhere. I tried everything from acupuncture, to spine clinics, to multiple physical therapy sessions. Nothing worked! My doctors were sympathetic but didn’t know what to do for me!

Our evenings were becoming a daily screaming fest and I was always anxious, stressed, overworked and miserable and in PAIN!

Doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it? Even recalling and writing about this is making me cringe…

In one of those really low moments, something in me clicked, and I decided that my story needs to change!

My Journey…

I had no idea where to start or how to go about it. All I knew was things needed to be different.

I took an inventory of my life – starting with where my life is heading, my relationships which mostly were on fringes, my surroundings and my home which were way more cluttered than that I had thought, and of course my health!

Just looking at these things made me want to dig a hole and hide in it.

But something in me told me not to.

I started small, in fact very small – I decided I was going on a 20 min walk every single day! Just that.

I did well for a couple of days, but very soon recognized that it was a lot easier to skip the walk than to actually do it! Sounds familiar?

It made me realize two things:

  1. I can’t expect a positive change to magically become a part of my life if I don’t adopt it correctly. This is where the rules of adopting a new habit comes in.
  2. Whenever you successfully fix one thing in your life, you will elevate every other area of your life in turn!

For me – that simple daily walk led to being conscious about our food and a want to eat better, which in turn led to cooking more meals at home. This meant more family dinners and spending more time with kids… and overall being more present!

You see where I am going with this… right?

Fast forward 3 years…

It has been a very long journey… and it took a crazy number of self-help books, audio-books, courses, training & seminars… loads of introspection and even adopting a Plant Based, semi GF diet and a Minimalist lifestyle… but I can finally say I feel I am in control of my life!

There were loads of trials & errors and tones of mistakes.

And all the things which could possibly go wrong, did go wrong!!! Damn that Murphy’s law.

But isn’t that just how life truly is?

I thank the heavens that those road bumps didn’t deter me…

Instead, it made me want that feeling even more. And it kept me going… one small change after another…one day after another!

Until, I finally got here!

And guess what, so can you…

If you are still reading this, I know somewhere deep inside you can relate.

I want you to feel that control in your life too!

I want you to feel that your life is yours… it doesn’t belong to your kid’s, or your spouse, or your mom, or the beliefs you were given in your childhood… it is plain and simple – just yours!

Don’t you want to?

– Have deeper meaningful relationships which make you happy

– Be your most vibrant and healthy self

– Excel in your career and/or business

– Find meaning and purpose in your life

– Have control over your finances to take those dreamy vacations one day…

– And most importantly make time for the things and people you love!

Did I just hear ‘Oh Hell Ya’?

Okay, so here’s what you do next…

1. Take the assessment – link below. It will highlight where in your life you are doing great and where you need more balance!

2. Based on your score you will determine which aspects of your life you need to… and more importantly are willing to make the change.

So, do you think you ready to find how balanced your life really is? 

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