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Your dreams, your desires and your aspirations 

should not be competing with your life… 

they should be your LIFE! 


I am Guneet.

I’m an entrepreneur, a productivity, life & health improvement coach, a total foodie and a passionate creative for all things life.

I have created SWL as a resource dedicated to helping you live your life to the fullest… on your own terms!

Whether it involves having more time for yourself, a healthier body & mind, being your very best, or just creating an overall balanced and more vibrant life, we’ve got it covered.

SWL will provide you with loads of practical tips, tools, trainings, some easy recipes and a lot more to achieve your life goals and have fun doing it!

Lets Get Started

The first step for any positive change to happen in your life, is knowing where you are… today!

To achieve your ideal life and to accomplish your goals, you need to know what is working in the different areas of your life and what isn’t!

Once you have done that, then you move on to building a framework for the 6 pillars of your life:

  • Your Life’s Purpose
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Health
  • Your Finances
  • Your Business/Career
  • And Your Mindset

You will tackle each area of your life and based on your personal strengths and your life goals; the changes you make will help elevate it!

By executing the step by step plan and by applying all the practical tips you will be able to create the life you want!

Take the Quiz

Take a quick 10 min self-assessment quiz (it’s free).  It is designed to tell you which areas of your life you are doing great and which areas could use some help!

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